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How to make your partner come?

Contrary to popular belief, vaginal penetration is not the easiest way to make a woman come. 50% of women would even like their sexuality to include more sensuality, such as stroking. While 95% of men reach orgasm in this way, women often get more pleasure outside of penetration.

Making you cum without penetration: stimulating the cervix

One technique is to stimulate the cervix: this is a really powerful orgasm for women. Intense and vibrant, your partner will feel alive inside the sex as a result of this orgasm. The cervix is located at the bottom of the vagina, at the entrance to the womb. It is an area that is not necessarily easy to reach, as it is at the bottom of the vagina. Preferable positions for reaching the cervix may be with the spoon or with the legs raised upwards. You need to explore this area, which depending on the woman, may be a few centimeters/millimeters off. So with the help of your finger or fingers, you will need to reach this area; again, once found, your partner is likely to let you know

Finding the area that excites her the most

The first important aspect is to find the place, the area, that particularly excites your partner. Usually she will let you know (body movements, talking, moaning, etc.) or you will feel a more abundant hot wave, in response to her vaginal lubrication. It’s not about frantically exploring your partner’s entire sex; at first, be gentle to find the area that excites her the most. Once you have found that area, stay there. This is how you will bring her to orgasm. And above all, don’t forget to use your hands: caress her hips, her buttocks, her breasts, in short her whole body, to add to her sexual excitement.