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How can a woman’s libido be accelerated?

Even if they don’t say so, women love sex and enjoy it more than men. Here are the best tips to help your wife get as wet as possible, so that she wants you, and that sex is enjoyable for your partner.

Stimulate her private parts directly

To bring the desire to a climax and make her wet profusely, attack her private parts immediately. This requires some skill, however. Don’t rush to the clitoris immediately, but linger around the labia with delicate and sensual strokes. As she becomes more and more excited, move more towards the more sensitive areas. When you feel her approaching erection, apply yourself more by speeding up your finger movements.

Dominate the woman while being romantic

Dominance turns most women on, but you have to know how to dose it so you don’t annoy her or spoil the fun. You should be both a sexual beast and a romantic man. You should know how to alternate these two behaviours to optimise the woman’s excitement. For example, after taking her doggy style, you will sometimes adopt a missionary position or why not the andromache to exchange the role.
<Don’t forget the compliments.
During a sexual encounter, there must be complicity between the two people. Women love it when their mates compliment their physiques. It would only increase their arousal even more. Saying that she is beautiful, sexy or has a great body that makes you want more is always effective when you want to get a woman wet.

Be manly and confident

Women like a manly man who is confident. They should feel comfortable and secure with you. However, you should not be rough as some women prefer to start slowly and feel that you want her. The desire should build up gradually. The most important thing is to know your partner well and to act accordingly.